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Veda Advantage...

"Ever wondered why a payment default remains on your Veda Advantage Information Services Ltd file for 5 years? So do I" asks Anthony John Brownlee.

"So I looked up the Privacy Act 1988 (Comm) Section 18F (2) which states the MAXIMUM permissible period a default may remain upon your file is as in Section 18F (2) (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) is 5 years!"

"So if the MAXIMUM permissible period a default may remain upon a file is 5 years, who decides how long the default entry remains and why is it clearly the policy and practice of Veda Advantage Information Services to maintain a listing for the MAXIMUM permissible period of 5 years in all cases?" asks Anthony John Brownlee

" If there is no valid point in retaining an entry for the MAXIMUM permissible period of 5 years rather than sa,y 4 years, is the listing for an additional year put there impose a “penalty” upon the file holder?" asks Anthony John Brownlee. "So I ask, who is it deciding to penalise the file holder?"

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What is a Litigation Support Service

“Lawyers and Barristers are very expensive and so I believe that their time should be used wisely, meaning - use them for what they are best at, and have someone else or a team of people, do the preparation that your lawyers need to try a case”, says Tony Brownlee.   “This may include interviewing witnesses, document reviewing, alternative strategy conception, and even full on investigation services”, says Anthony John Brownlee

“I, and my team are not lawyers, but we are litigation support experts with decades of experience in handling the delegated discovery and disclosure functions, and brief preparation of many lawyers and legal firms.

I believe that today legal firms must find new ways of working that best serve the interests of their clients.   And this means finding higher quality and more efficient methods of investigation, discovery and legal brief preparation”. Says Anthony John Brownlee
“As a client you should treat a Litigation Support Services team as your strategic partner and support  manager when it comes to all things in building up the case for litigation.  As your partner, we will talk you, and walk you through every step and milestone of the discovery process, all along identifying cost savings for you, our clients.   This is a key reason to use our expertise, accountability, institutional knowledge,   and strategic planning and case management.
We are on your side, and we go that extra mile and a half”,   says Anthony John Brownlee.

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Our Creed by Anthony John Brownlee

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We are on your side, and we make that extra effort required. We find solutions. We believe our clients are second to none and as such each client is treated individually according to their unique needs and demands. Our team looks further than the surface, goes above the obvious and applies intuition, critical analysis and insight to the understanding of human nature to obtain a complete picture of events and business dealings.

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